Mission Accomplished!

October 24, 2012

From childhood we are encouraged to stand up for what we believe in.  In Frank Murphy’s case, that lesson seems to have sunk in very well.  On Sunday, October 21, Frank performed a stand-up comedy routine in the Side Splitters Comedy Club’s 3rd Annual “Host with the Most” Competition, with CCETN’s Columbus Homes Children’s Services as his chosen charity.  Out of a field of 12 well-known local media personalities the STAR 102.1 morning jockey emerged victorious.

Audience vote determined the winners, and each contestant earned $25 for their selected charities, but the winner was awarded 90% of the proceeds generated by ticket sales, which calculated to over $2000 that Frank generously donated to Columbus Homes Children’s Services.

Frank’s relationship with Catholic Charities of East Tennessee began when he met Fr. Ragan Schriver at All Saints church where he and his wife, Jere, attend.  On a tour of CCETN’s programs and sites, Frank was impressed by the proximity between the juvenile courthouse and the Columbus Home boy’s group home.  As he says, “The realization that a judge could send an endangered child right across the parking lot to the safety and security of Columbus Home made me want to do more.”

Besides doing stand-up comedy on behalf of our agency, Frank is also a local council member, serves on the Annual Kids Helping Kids Fun Walk planning committee, and is its honorary chairperson.

A BIG thanks to Frank Murphy, Side Splitters Comedy Club, and everyone else that played a part in putting on the 3rd Annual “Host with the Most” Competition.

To learn more about Frank, visit his website.  There, you’ll be able to see his upcoming projects and appearances, read his blog and interact with him on Facebook, Twitter and more.